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Western Sicily map key


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Agrigento, F6 - Birthplace of Cleveland-area mobsters, Charles Vizzini, "Cadillac Charley" Cavallaro and Vincenzo LoCicero.

Alcamo, C2 - Birthplace of Detroit Mafia leaders Sam Catalanotte, Santo Perrone, Tony Mirabile, Los Angeles leader "Momo" Adamo, and the Parrino brothers of the early Castellammarese network in Brooklyn and Detroit.

Alia, G3 - In July 1877, Giuseppe Esposito, lieutenant of the Leone gang, turned himself in to Alia authorities.

Alimenusa, G3 - Site of Italian police ambush of Antonino Leone's gang in 1877.


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Bagheria, F1 - Bagheria was the birthplace of the Aiellos, who briefly controlled the Sicilian Mafia in Chicago. A substantial number of early Milwaukee Mafia members also were born here.

Battaglia, B2 -

Bisacquino, D4 - 1862 birthplace of Vito Cascio Ferro.


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Caccamo, F2 - Family home of 1890 Hennessy assassin Pietro Monastero of New Orleans. Monastero's sons became leaders in the Mafia of Pittsburgh. A number of Philadelphia mobsters, including Antonio and Filippo Pollina were born in Caccamo.

Caltanissetta, H5 - Caltanissetta was the birthplace of Bonanno mobster Mike Farrugia and Buffalo mobster Patsy Amico.

Campobello di Mazara, B4 -

Camporeale, D3 - Birthplace of Los Angeles Mafia boss Nick Licata and Kansas City Mafia lieutenant Joseph Caronia.

Canicatti, G6 - Colombo Crime Family lieutenant Salvatore Tornabene was born in Canicatti.

Castelbuono, H2 -

Castellamare del Golfo, C2 - Ancestral home of the Bonannos, Magaddinos, DiBenedettos, DiGregorios, Bonventres, Buccellatos, Mazzaras and Salvatore Maranzano of the Northeast U.S., as well as Gaspar Milazzo of Detroit and Salvatore Sabella of Philadelphia.

Castelvetrano, B4 - Birthplace of several Kansas City mobsters including crime family lieutenant Joseph Filardo.

Cefalu, H2 - Birthplace of Masseria consigliere Saverio Pollacia.

Corleone, E3 - Ancestral home of the Morello, Terranova and Rao clans, Ignazio Lupo and Gaetano Reina of New York; boss Vito DiGiorgio of Los Angeles; boss Carlo Piranio of Dallas; and Jack Dragna of Los Angeles. Fictional ancestral home of the principal characters in "The Godfather."


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Favara, F6 -


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Giacalone, D2 -

Golfo del Cofano, B1 -

Golfo di Bonaglia, A1 -

Golfo di Carini, D1 -

Golfo di Castellamare, C1 -

Golfo di Palermo, E1 -

Golfo di Termini Imerese, G2 -


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Lercara Friddi, F3 - Old sulphur mining community. Location of 1876 abduction of English businessman John Forester Rose by the Antonino Leone gang. Birthplace of Salvatore "Charlie Luciano" Lucania.

Licata, H7 - A number of Cleveland mobsters traced their roots to Licata. Capone ally Jack McGurn also was a native of Licata.


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Marsala, A3 - Apparent birthplaces of Capone underlings John Scalise and Albert Anselmi.

Mazzara del Valle, A4 -

Menfi, C4 - Birthplace of U.S. Mafia boss of bosses Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria.

Monreale, E1 - Birthplace of the Stuppagghieri Mafia. With neighboring Piana dei Greci, the ancestral home of the Matranga clan of New Orleans and southern California. Birthplace of New England mobster Vincent Teresa.

Montedoro, G5 - Many of the Mafiosi of the Scranton-Pittston, Pennsylvania, area were born in Montedoro, as was John Montana of Buffalo.

Montemaggiore, G3 -


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Naro, G6 -


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Palermo, E1 - Source of Mafia power within Sicily. Apparent birthplace of New York crime bosses Carlo Gambino and Tommy Lucchese, New England boss Phil Buccola, Kansas City boss James Balestrere. Birthplace of many members of the Gambino, Colombo and Lucchese Crime Families. Site of the 1909 assassination of New York Police Lieutenant Joseph Petrosino.

Palma, A2 -

Palma di Montechiaro, G7 -

Partinico, D2 - Birthplace of a number of Detroit mobsters, including Giovanni Priziola.

Polizzi, H3 -

Porto Empedocle, F6 - Source of American Mafioso Nick Gentile's underworld credentials. Birthplace of the Gagliano brothers of New Orleans.


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Ravanusa, H6 - Birthplace of Buffalo Mafioso Joseph Calafato.

Ribera, E5 - Chicago Mafia lieutenant Vincenzo DiGiorgi was born in Ribera.


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Salemi, B3 - New England Mafiosi Frank Cucchiara, Joseph Lombardo and Gaspare Messina, who served as temporary U.S. boss of bosses, were born in Salemi.

San Cataldo, H5 - Detroit Mafia leader Angelo Meli was born in San Cataldo.

Sciacca, D5 - Source of support for New York-based boss of bosses Joe Masseria. Birthplace of the Falcone brothers of Utica, NY.

Segesta, C2 -

Siculiana, E6 - Birthplace of American Mafioso Nick Gentile and Cleveland boss Al Polizzi.


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Termini Imerese, G2 - Birthplace of Pittsburgh area underworld leader Salvatore Calderone and New Orleans boss Sylvestro Carolla. Source of support for the early Ohio Mafia. One of the bases for Antonino Leone's 19th Century Sicilian gang.

Terrasini, D1 - Birthplace of Detroit mob bosses Joseph Zerilli, Pete Licavoli and William Tocco.

Trapani, A2 - Birthplace of several Detroit Mafia members.


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Valledolmo, G4 - Birthplace of several Buffalo Mafiosi.

Vallelunga, G4 - The DiCarlo and Ruffino clans of the Buffalo Crime Family, and Cassandro Bonasera of the Colombo Crime Family were born in Vallelunga.

Ventimiglia, F2 - A stronghold of Antonino Leone's 19th Century gang.

Vicari, F3 -

Villabate, E1 - Much of the early leadership of the Profaci-Colombo Crime Family originated in Villabate. Villabate is the ancestral home of the Profaci and Magliocco clans.


New Orleans 1860-1890

New Orleans map key

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C - Police Chief David Hennessy's Home in 1890

D - Central Police Station

F - St. Patrick's Hall - 1891 Criminal Court Building

U - St. Louis Cathedral

X - Produce section of Old French Market

Z - Orleans Parish Prison

2 - Police Chief David Hennessy assassinated late in the evening of Oct. 15, 1890. Shots come from across Girod Street.

3 - Grocer David Clark is caught in crossfire of gang battle and suffers mortal wound in March 1869.

4 - Joseph Agnello escapes assassination attempt in 1869.

6 - Metropolitan Police Chief Algernon Badger falls seriously injured during Battle of Liberty Place.

7 - Detective Devereaux murders rival Detective Harris in March 1876. Devereaux argues self-defense, claims Harris hired a Sicilian assassin to kill him.

10 - The statue of Henry Clay is the site of inflammatory meetings leading to the 1874 Democratic rebellion and the 1891 lynchings of captives at Parish Prison.

11 - Antonio Labousse is gunned down on July 15, 1881.

12 - Giuseppe Mattaino is found murdered on Feb. 24, 1889.

13 - Raffaele Agnello is shot to death on April 1, 1869.

14 - Parish Prison is the location of the largest lynching in U.S. history in October of 1891. Eleven Sicilian prisoners were shot and/or hanged.

15 - Detectives David and Mike Hennessy apprehend Sicilian outlaw Giuseppe Esposito on July 5, 1881.

16 - Palermo gangsters break into Messinian home and open fire at rivals on Feb. 15, 1869.

17 - Murder of Messinian Litero Barba on Oct. 28, 1868, initiates feud between Sicilian immigrants from Palermo and those from Messina.

19 - Messinian leaders Bananno and Allucho are cornered and killed at Old French Market on July 22, 1869.

20 - Joseph Agnello is trapped and murdered at Picayune Pier on April 20, 1872.

21 - Wagon carrying Matranga stevedores is ambushed by Provenzano gunmen in early morning hours of May 6, 1890.


East Harlem map key

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1 - 1915 - Thomas LoMonte is shot to death at corner of East 116th Street and First Avenue.

2 - 1910 - No. 216 East 115th Street is an address associated with the Morello and Terranova families at the time Giuseppe Morello was sent to Atlanta Federal Prison for counterfeiting. Possibly confused with No. 216 East 105th Street (see N below).

3 - 1912 - No. 331 East 114th Street is a restaurant operated by Amadeo Buonomo.

4 - 1913 - Amadeo Buonomo is murdered outside of a wine shop at East 113th Street and First Avenue.

5 - 1911 - No. 239 East 109th Street was site of the stabbing murder of Frank "Tough Chick" Monaco by Nicolina Lener. At the time, Lener and her mother Pasquarella Spinelli were residing there.

6 - 1909-1915 - No. 318 East 109th Street held the bake shop and residence of Giosue Gallucci, location of the 1909 murder of Giosue's brother Gennaro and of the 1912 murder of gang leader Aniello "Zoppo" Prisco.

7 - 1913 - No. 329 East 109th Street was the home of Giosue Gallucci aide John Russomano and the site of the 1913 killing of Tony Capalongo.

8 - 1915 - No. 336 East 109th Street was a cafe run by Giosue Gallucci's son Luca. Giosue and Luca were both fatally shot at that location in 1915.

9 - 1905 - No. 345 East 109th Street was an early residence of Pasquarella Spinelli, husband Pietro and Pasquarella's daughter Nicolina Lener.

A - 1914 - Fortunato LoMonte is murdered at the corner of East 108th Street and Second Avenue.

B - 1895 - No. 234 East 108th Street was reportedly the address of Frank Costello's early childhood.

C - 1912 - No. 334 East 108th Street was the location of the structure referred to as the "Murder Stable." It was the site of Pasquarella Spinelli's murder.

D - 1912 - No. 335 East 108th Street was the residence of Pasquarella Spinelli and Nicolina Lener at the time of Spinelli's murder in the boarding stable she operated across the street. Lener claimed to have seen the killer through the front window of the residence. The address was also the home of gang leader Aniello "Zoppo" Prisco in this period.

E - 1912 - Luigi Lazazaro was killed at the corner of East 108th Street and First Avenue.

F - 1910 - 2097 First Avenue was the home address of Pasquarelli Spinelli and daughter Nicolina Lener.

G - 1909 - No. 207 East 107th Street, top floor, west side, was the home of Giuseppe Morello just before his counterfeiting conviction.

H - 1913-1915 - No. 227 East 107th Street housed the wine business of Ippolito Greco and a saloon run by Greco and Angelo Gagliano.

I - 1910-1915 - No. 229 East 107th Street was a business address for the Morello and Company contracting firm and later the home address for Ciro Terranova and his family.

J - 1905 - No. 332 East 107th Street was the home address of Ippolito Greco.

K - 1912 - The East 107th Street entrance to the "Murder Stable."

L - 1912 - No. 334 East 107th Street is a commonly used by apparently incorrect address for Pasquarella Spinelli's boarding stable business.

M - 1909 - No. 329 East 106th Street was home to Vincent Terranova, half-brother of Giuseppe Morello and brother-in-law of Ignazio Lupo.

N - 1910-1912 - No. 216 East 105th Street was the residence of Nicholas Terranova.

O - 1912 - No. 252 East 105th Street was home to both Vincent and Nicholas Terranova.

P - 1914 - No. 253 East 105th Street was a residence of Ciro "the Artichoke King" Terranova.

Q - 1913 - Giuseppe Fontana was murdered outside of No. 325 East 105th Street.

R - 1914 - Nick DelGaudio was murdered in front of No. 425 East 104th Street while walking to a nearby garage to get his automobile.